Rohit Saha, MD

Dr. Rohit Saha is a psychiatrist with expertise in child and adolescent, adult and addiction psychiatry who offers psychiatric evaluations and ongoing medication management for people of all ages at Responsive Centers.

Dr. Saha, a graduate from the University of Missouri, Columbia, served as a psychiatry resident, chief resident, and child & adolescent fellow.

Dr. Saha has a variety of experiences in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatry programs, and has worked at the VA, detention centers, autism specialty clinics and senior citizen homes throughout his training. Dr. Saha also has experience working with addictions and has received specialized training on the use of suboxone for opioid dependence in addition to treatment of other substance use disorders.

Currently, Dr. Saha incorporates psychotherapy techniques aimed at reinforcing the use of coping skills, determines when interventional psychiatry is fit for his client’s needs, and oversees the ketamine therapy clinic at Responsive Centers.

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