Janny Sivilay, LSCSW

Janny Sivilay is a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker (LSCSW) in KS and MO and holds a graduate degree from the University of Kansas. Janny specializes in treating depression, anxiety, and trauma. After five years of inpatient psychiatric therapy experience, Janny learned how to build rapport quickly with clients through her direct communication style and humor. Clients appreciate her ability to meet them where they are, fostering an environment for genuine self-reflection.

Bringing nearly a decade of experience in various roles in the mental health field, Janny has a lot of experience with helping people work through difficult life transitions. Her approach is rooted in empathy, respect, and a firm belief in your autonomy. As a therapist, she collaborates with you, creating a safe space to explore thoughts, feelings, and experiences without judgment. Janny’s professional journey includes ongoing education in therapeutic modalities like CBT, DBT, IFS, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, ABFT, and LGBTQIA+ Interventions.

Whether you’re navigating anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, trauma, or seeking personal growth, Janny is committed to providing tailored guidance and effective strategies for positive change. Connect with her for a unique and empowering therapeutic partnership.

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