Psych Assessment

Psychological assessment or evaluation can play a critical role in both diagnosis and treatment planning.  Accurate assessment may involve components such as interviews, standardized testing, computerized testing, and behavioral inventories. 

Evaluations may be recommended by a physician, requested by a parent, self-referred or ordered by a court.  Providers have expertise in working with a wide variety of age ranges from early childhood to geriatric populations.  At Responsive Centers, psychological assessment services are offered in a variety of areas, including: 

  • Assessment for attentional difficulties 
  • Comprehensive psychological assessment of emotional and personality problems 
  • Custody evaluations 
  • Parenting assessments 
  • Educational evaluations (including intelligence and learning disability evaluation) 
  • Competency evaluation 
  • Neuropsychological assessments 
  • Substance abuse assessments 
  • Autism spectrum screenings
  • Pre-surgery evaluations
  • Employment-related assessments

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