Hosted by KVC Health Systems and Legacy Brokers, Mental Wellness Expo 2022 featured themes of mental health awareness, equitable access and sufficient coverage for growing patient populations, as well as personal stories of mental health.

Held on May 5, 2022, the panel discussions consisted of mental health leaders and experts from the greater Kansas City area, including Responsive Centers president and CEO, psychiatrist Dr. Vishal Adma.

“Pre-COVID, we used to get, maybe, about 150 to 175 new patient phone calls every week,” said Dr. Adma, responding to a question about when an individual should reach out to a mental health professional.

“Today, we get about 275 new patient phone calls,” said Dr. Adma. “These are all brand new patient phone calls. That’s the amount of need in our community.”

To learn more about the trajectory of mental healthcare in Kansas City, please watch the following video recording of the event or read the KSHB 41 article.

External video link: Mental Wellness Expo 2022