Ryan Speier

Ryan Speier is a healthcare executive with 15+ years of experience working predominately in the behavioral/mental health field, leading multidisciplinary teams across a bi-state network of inpatient and outpatient services. He successfully led the growth of a hospital network expanding to multiple locations in two states through strategic growth and acquisitions.

As a leader, Ryan focuses on improving patient satisfaction and care outcomes, increasing employee retention and achievement scores, and enhancing internal communication. Ryan strives to deliver on business growth and development, healthcare integration, governmental relations, and forming strategic partnerships. He is driven by the mission and belief that all patients deserve the best care provided with the utmost respect and compassion and he instills this passion in all teams he leads. 

As Responsive Centers’ Chief Operating Officer, Ryan provides oversight to the management team for the day-to-day operations, financial outcomes, business strategy and growth and ensures the satisfaction of our clients and providers.

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