Julian Brown, LSCSW

Julian is a licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker (LSCSW) who received his degree from the University of Kansas.  He has worked extensively with children of all ages and adults providing individual and family therapy.    Julian specializes in Depression, Anxiety, Trauma and Pre-marital counseling.   

Julian believes in tailoring the treatment to the client because there is no one size fits all when it comes to therapy.   His is a client centered practice and communication is always two-way with the client always having the final say in what direction a session will go.  You will never be told what to do, but rather offered suggestions and options that, if implemented, may help address the way you feel.  Julian focuses on creating a positive relationship with his clients which starts with a warm greeting at the door and a concerned focus on your issues during your session.   

Julian has worked in mental health in Johnson County at a local community mental health center, the Veterans Administration and other social work organizations. 

Julian is married with two children.  In his personal time, he enjoys working out, playing sports, swimming and paddle boarding at Shawnee Mission Lake. 

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