Clinical Trials

Our partnership with Collective Medical Research provides unique opportunities for participation in psychiatric and pain management clinical trials.

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Collective Medical Research

Collective Medical Research is a clinical trial firm based in Prairie Village, Kansas. With a team of experienced clinical coordinators, CMR has successfully run hundreds of trials, specifically in psychiatric and pain management medications.

Clinical trials help advance healthcare by gathering information on the safety and efficacy of investigational medications.

They are not a replacement for general or specialized healthcare, but rather another opportunity to gain access to new medications or help in the approval process of new treatment options. Patients are encouraged to ask questions about the trial to understand the risks, benefits, and time commitment.

Enrolling Studies

  • Adolescent ADHD I
  • Binge Eating Disorder I, II
  • Chronic Migraine II
  • Fibromyalgia II, III
  • MDD I, II, III, IV
  • Migraine I, II
  • OCD I
  • PTSD I
  • Stuttering I


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For the application and more information on participating in clinical research, please visit the Collective Medical Research website.

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Visit the Collective Medical Research website