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Our partnership with Collective Medical Research provides unique opportunities for participation in psychiatric and pain management clinical trials.

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Collective Medical Research

Collective Medical Research is a clinical trial firm based in Overland Park, Kansas, in a beautiful new office below Responsive Centers.

With a team of experienced clinical coordinators, CMR has successfully run hundreds of trials, specifically in psychiatric and pain management medications.

Clinical research is not a replacement for general or specialized healthcare, but rather another opportunity to gain access to new medications or help in the approval process of new treatment options. Patients are encouraged to ask questions about the trial to understand the risks, benefits, and time commitment.

Enrolling Studies

  • Episodic Migraine I
  • Adolescent ADHD I
  • Chronic Migraine III
  • MDD IV
  • OCD I
  • Opioid Use Disorder I
  • Social Anxiety I
  • Social Anxiety III

Clinical trials help advance healthcare by gathering information on the safety and efficacy of investigational medications.


Clinical Trials Questionnaire

Responsive Centers has a partnership with Collective Medical Research which provides unique opportunities for patients to enroll in various psychiatric and pain management research opportunities.

Qualified participants would receive free medications for the duration of the study, free labs, basic medical work up and a small stipend for their time. There will be no cost to you or your insurance company to participate. If you are currently a patient, you can continue to keep your appointments with your current provider at Responsive Centers.

If interested, please fill out and submit the following questionnaire for a current study to indicate that you are interested in participating. One of the associates from Collective Medical Research will be in touch with you shortly.

Over the last two weeks, how often have you been bothered by the following problems?

Please make a selection from the drop-downs.

Want to learn more about clinical research trials?

For the application and more information on participating in clinical research, please visit the Collective Medical Research website.

If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing

Visit the Collective Medical Research website