Responsive Centers for Psychology & Learning are dedicated to helping clients reach their personal goals, solve difficult problems and achieve a sense of mastery in their lives.
Responsive Centers for Psychology & Learning are dedicated to helping clients reach their personal goals, solve difficult problems and achieve a sense of mastery in their lives.
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Evaluation for Learning Disabilities and Attentional Problems

Individuals are often referred by their physician, educators, or other specialists to assess whether a child exhibits learning disabilities. These learning problems may include dyslexia, reading problems, math difficulties, problems with focus of attention, as well as issues related to test taking or written language problems, including dysgraphia.

The process of diagnosing learning problems is often complex and involves several appointments with the child/adolescent and his/her family in order to correctly determine the issues. Frequently, underlying issues are present that may be contributing to difficulties with learning. The amount of clinical time involved is extensive and determines the cost of an individual evaluation. At the conclusion of the evaluation process, we will provide you with a detailed report of all the assessment results and clinical impressions from the testing with specific recommendations for your child.

The Evaluation Process involves several steps. Please read this information carefully as it includes answers to the most frequently asked questions about the assessment process.

Step 1
Schedule an intake appointment with one of our specialists by calling 913-451-8550. Every case is unique and we are unable to discuss issues in-depth or advise you by phone before meeting with you. It is not necessary for your child to attend the intake appointment. The purpose of this interview is to enable parents to speak openly regarding concerns and to provide background information. In later appointments, time is allowed for the examiners to visit and establish rapport with the child before each testing session.

It is essential that you take the time to complete the intake paperwork under our names posted on our website at Screening and evaluation for learning disabilities includes many different standardized measures as well as forms we ask you to complete about your child/adolescent before coming in for the first appointment. These materials are used in conjunction with a clinical interview. It is also very useful to have copies of any previous evaluation results or standardized testing as well as other input that you feel would be valuable to share. During the initial appointment, you will have a chance to discuss concerns and questions regarding screening and assessment for other issues that may be important to address before or at the same time the evaluation begins. The initial interview is typically one hour in length.

Step 2
After completing an initial clinical interview, testing of several hours is then scheduled on separate days with your child. Our office will call and schedule a time for each portion of the testing with the specialists that will be involved. Breaks are provided, as they are needed during the testing sessions. The tests used in the evaluation will vary based on the evaluation concerns; however, typically an evaluation includes:
?The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children or Adults is administered to determine verbal and nonverbal ability as well as working memory and processing speed. Administration of this test typically lasts approximately two hours.
?An individualized battery such as the Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Achievement and/or portions of the Woodcock Johnson-III Cognitive battery is administered. The goal is to focus on defining educational issues and to determine a learning profile of strengths and weaknesses. A three-hour period of time is scheduled for this portion of the assessment.

Step 3
Once all testing has been completed and any additional paperwork or data has been returned, you will be offered an appointment time that generally lasts one hour to review the results. During this appointment, you will be given a full written report as well as time for any questions to be answered. Specific follow-up recommendations are provided in the report. If desired, additional consultation and follow-up can be arranged. The time frame between completion of testing and the interpretation session varies, but it is normally within 3-4 weeks.

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